Want to have a HEALTHY picnic?

 Enjoy this FREE  eBook with quick & easy,  delicious plant-based recipes for any picnic or party! 

Sunita Vira is a Retreat Leader, Chef and Nutrition Coach. Published author of RAW for LIFE! Founder & CEO of the Raw Food Center, Chicago & Singapore. 

Sunita has been working with FOOD as MEDICINE for over two decades. Her goal is to help people transform their health with food! She brings ancient wisdom from her travels around the world with a modern twist! Sunita is based in Chicago and leads fun virtual culinary wellness programs, private coaching, seasonal cleanses and sought-after culinary wellness retreats in exotic locations around the world with a personal touch of love!
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  • Fun & delicious recipes
  • Refreshing drinks
  • Savory appetizers & salads
  • Mouth-watering main courses
  • Delectable desserts
What's included: 
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